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West Virginia Seasons ready v2.1.0.0
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West Virginia Seasons ready v2.1.0.0

MUST READ new version 2.1
Welcome to West Virginia! Seasons ready, with updated snow mask. A coal powered state, which has cost many people there future thanks to Obama and the war on coal! So we have to use our natural resources and move on. There are many task to handle in the mountaineer state. The local power company (MonPower) wants to sub contract your logging company to clear there lines, 20 miles worth! The local mine is for sale, but you got other things to do b4 you can afford to buy it. There are a few local WVDOH buildings that are up for sale as well as WVFD, and many other production plants. There are many things to discover on this map. It has a few warnings but nothing major, being my first official map EDIT. The map is huge and requires a strong pc to run it. I have it set in very high with custom setting turned all the way up at 150 fps. I know the map works and if it don’t for you, then you have a mod conflict. Someone that is more experienced than me with map, I have a task for you, some materials can’t be dumped on the ground, idk why, but I would like to know, if you can figure it out please fix and let me know. 
All mine products are labeled(dummie proof). Gold is sold at the local bank, all sell points have a square trigger with yellow and black stripes. Tar and tires, and fuel can be picked up at the mine sell point. Your materials are on a timer that spawns over time. Logs can be sold at the train garage, on pda but not in right position, can’t fix. I would drive around the map a few times to discover all the locations. REQUIRES
Kotte universal pack 1.8
Universal process kit 1.9
Optional-newest version of seasons
If doors don’t work you’ll need to download map door trigger/ animation map trigger. The map is powered by mCompanyFactory scripts. Good in my opinion. Now on to credits
Original map-tOmMy
Brandon-all buildings in upper region of map/mine/logos/edit/train/terrain
Jason Price help on additional fill types/signs 
Teddy Andreniuk mine, buildings
Derrick Lewis slow saw 
And everyone else for ideas. Remember it’s beta, feedback is a must.

Original map-tOmMy Brandon-all buildings in upper region of map/mine/logos/edit/train/terrain Jason Price help on additional fill types/signs Teddy Andreniuk mine, buildings Derrick Lewis slow saw

  • Toolbar
    2018-01-16 12:18
    Its a Kyffhäuser Map from Germany + Mining
  • Nestoche
    2018-01-16 12:23
    "Welcome to West Virginia!" The backwood hick state of that voted for the buffoon and idiot Trumpf who tricked and promised these ignorant deplorables to bring the wonderful jobs of black coal to breath and kill these yahoos..SMH Go ahead, you West Virginians will blame Obama when you and your kids are all dead from that shit. You dumb hicks!
  • Ereedks
    2018-01-16 13:04
    Nestoche showed he doesn't know shit. Move to China where you belong, imbecile. What's the economy done since Trump has been elected? When did the stock market ever go over 20 K? Uh never. All Obama did was implement a health package that caused medical rates to go up for everyone, even the poor. You're a moron.
  • Affordablejoe
    2018-01-16 16:44
    If this is a U.S. please make the names, signs, and products in english. I don't understand why people that make maps or do edits of maps and don't fix this. Everything should be in english everything. Would be a good map if not for this. Also to all map makes out there, why don't you two maps one in english and one in your native tongue. Over half the people that play this game speak english.
  • Charlie
    2018-01-16 17:30
    I'm from Virginia and I'm happy someone finally made a map for me
  • Faelandaea
    2018-01-16 21:10
    If the mod was supposed to be private, then why did the mod author upload it? Thanks for the upload.
  • Faelandaea
    2018-01-16 21:46
    After reviewing the map, it fails in epic proportions. If you have Animal Notifications, the map will not load. The mod author also specifically blocked Straw Harvest DLC from working with this map. TONS of errors in the log regarding missing textures, etc. before crashing. Tried even with no mods and it still slams the log with more errors than any other mod has ever created in history. Not recommended. Video attached in the tabs above.
  • Guest
    2018-01-16 22:53
    its a beta map what more do you want someone uploaded it before it could be 100% you fool guess some of you cant read
  • Pappyb
    2018-01-17 01:00
    I see we have a fukin far left idiot "nestoche". That bunch wouldn't know what is good for our country if it is in plain sight, oh shit, it is in plain sight. wait for about another year and watch the clinton's and oboma be indicted for crimes against our country. Those fuks sold us out to line their own pockets. Their day is coming!!! And lefty, if you dont like it, go move to the shit hole that it is!!!!!
  • Fcdrifter
    2018-01-17 02:21
    Im from West Virginia and this is not even what it looks like. Also there was never a "war on coal" WV produces coal used normally used in steel production. Any power production coal is easier to get from open pits like Wyoming, and a move away from fossil fuels made the industry fail, you know capitalism.
  • Tim121672
    2018-01-17 07:30
    First off, the map is a WIP, only released to the ppl on Brandon's page as a test model and some disrespectful person released it public (shame on him) Second Nestoche needs to get a life and stop bringing politics into a game, the left lost the election because of this kind of moronic behavior, and the U.S. has been on a steady rise since Trump became president and that's a fact that bothers trolls like this more than anything
  • Ehcotsen
    2018-01-17 15:01
    Obama was a heroin addict i don't see the hero worship unless he was banging you and your brother in which case Have at it Or go back to your parents basement
  • @nestoche
    2018-01-18 03:56
    I'm confused, you seem to be very much against the wealthy, which would imply your support the lower class. You then use "poor trailer trash" and "doesn't have two nickles to rub" as an insult. And you claim you'll be getting richer.... just really confused. Any help understand would be appreciated. Thanks- Conservative Constitutionalist
  • Nestoche
    2018-01-18 06:20
    To imposter"Nestoche"I do support the hard working common man.Let me make it clear what I am trying to get at with these Drumpf Huckleberry supporters who are racist bigots blaming immigrants and people of color for their total failures.They are hurting themselves by voting against their own self interest.The racist sociopath is using them by instigating hate & false promises.The benefits I don't need but the orange idiot did as his self serving filthy rich cronies.
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