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Westbridge Hills 5 v5.3
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Westbridge Hills 5 v5.3

Westbridge Hills 5

version 5.3
ADD FabrikScript V2.1.2 (Mischfutterstation Schweinefutterstation +)
NEW Owned 5.5 hectares Nice Flat Square Grass Field (useful for round bale and course plays)
NEW start équipement

Hello ...after i tried many map on fs 17 i think westbridge map is ( the best map for ever) with great FPS  AND very nice topoghraphy .you can enjoy with your engine power
FS 17 Westbridge Hills 5 MAP updated to patch1.4.4  ( Animal & BGA .... ect )
-Great map  for the new big bud 747
-Great map  for the course play
-New building & station from GCV original FS17
-TRAIN work (send off) (1 log Train + 1 grain + 1 potato )

New pig zone
Field adjusted
New Road

Westbridge Hills 5 ;have
-Original fruit
no shopped straw  ( because i like simple and original )
no multifiruit

error log free
by Dajoun Tunisia

Model: GIANTS Software
Texture: GIANTS Software
Script: GIANTS Software
Idea / Concept: Dajoun_Tunisia
Testing: Dajoun_Tunisia

  • Ereedks
    2017-04-23 14:59
    What do you folks think? This is a copy of Westbridge Hills v1.2.0.9 by holecsko yet this Dajoun person lists nobody else in the credits. I think we should boycott mods from Dajoun until he learns to properly credit others for the work he uses as his own.
  • Jim


    2017-04-23 15:13
    To be honest westbridge hills is taken from the main game of fs13 & fs15 so really you do what you feel best but the map belongs Giants and always will do no matter how many edits is taken from it
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