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Westbridge Hills flat map v1.1
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Westbridge Hills flat map v1.1

Converted Westbridge Hills map from FS15 to FS17.

Version 1.1
- fixed flying cows and pigs
- fixed pigs position

Original map by GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko. I just modified.
Now absolutely flat and have bigger fields. Some building was deleted. All other things standard.

Model: GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko, modified by Hungarikum
Texture: GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko, modified by Hungarikum
Idea / Concept: GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko, modified by Hungarikum

  • Countryboy1990
    2017-04-21 01:56
    If you fixed flying cows, why didnt you upgrade pictures, sounds like a bunch of shit too me
  • Countryboy1990
    2017-04-21 01:57
    Plus you didnt fix anything, you dont have time being a super modder
  • Killabot
    2017-04-21 02:14
    you won't get an answer here. Thomas is not the modder. he just steals everything an reuploads it. Original modder can be found on modhoster.com
  • Anthony
    2017-04-21 16:53
    There is a like button on the page, why is there not a thumbs down dislike on this page so we can simply click on it and not waste time writing about garbage like this, what a loser.
  • Commonsense
    2017-04-21 17:57
    Those of you who dont do maps shouldn't complain because if it wasnt for editors and modders you would only have ingame mods and maps to use plus thomas posts what the public uploads to the site. When fs17 came out because of Giants new settings in GE we saw an increase in newbies learning so instead of whining give positive feedback which they can use and better themselves
  • Warondar
    2017-04-21 23:02
    'CommonSense' left the internet running through the 'Get Me The Hell Out Of Here' exit door years ago, and hasn't been seen or heard of since. So please, let me know if you run into them. Thanks.
  • Woody
    2017-04-22 14:43
    Rip the sh#t out of these so called modders. They are ffing losers who only get any attention in life by uploading crap mods on these sites. They get a boner seeing their name on the screen. Thomas is the worst of them. Uploads half finished crap.
  • Brad
    2017-04-22 16:27
    Good job on the map. Recommend that you remove the non-functioning buildings on the farm. Space is limited so recommend you replace the two barns w/silos next to the hay sale, the car garage and little red barn with functional vehicle barns.
  • Jac


    2017-04-22 18:00
    I have made some new fixings to the map - animal meshes fixed , field dimensions fixed, added extra buildings to big spaces, added in traffic splines, changed start up vehicles to bigger, all markings provided,
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