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Westbridge Hills Map v6.0
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Westbridge Hills Map v6.0

WESTBRIDGE V6.0 NEW AMENAGEMENT (special for course play.)

- New career start point
- Only One owned flat field 4 (5.5ha)
- All animal zonne moved (with bale trigger)
- Farm silo & straw barn moved
- New start Vehicles
- New seed & fertilizer barn
- FabrikScript v2.1.2 (Mischfutterstation + Schweinefutterstation) from marhu

you must work hard in WESTBRIDGE V6.0
by dajoun tunisia
Error log free

Model: GIANTS Software
Texture: GIANTS Software
Script: GIANTS Software& marhu
Idea / Concept: Dajoun_Tunisia
Testing: Dajoun_Tunisia

  • Nana35
    2017-06-26 14:25
  • Kenny
    2017-07-29 13:54
    the trigger from the silo doesent work to fil you tippers
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