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Western Star Rotator v1
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Western Star Rotator v1

This is the long awaited Western Star Rotator Heavy Wrecker.
It works.  If you have issues, you have a mod conflict.  It will nto work with the lightaddon or tire dirt module.
You need the recovery hook ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/8p3i30wnesocp0o/WMF_winchHook_FS17.zip?dl=0 ) to remove vehicles.

The hook and tow bar only work with existing trailer hitches on vehicles.  So for example, a rear pintle hitch.  If you want to tow from the front, add your own tow hitch to the front of the vehicle you want to tow.

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  • Wtf


    2017-04-29 11:43
    mod is trash
  • Truck
    2017-04-29 11:49
    It works not because the flash is not good it has nothing change and can not buy it is a fake
  • Sturdy
    2017-04-29 15:02
    Error: Mesh 'ID2427' has zero triangles.
  • Bob jans
    2017-04-29 16:14
    nice truck looks and works good cant wait for more keep up the great work eng51ine
  • Badass farmer
    2017-04-29 16:36
    Nice truck, I haven't played with it much, but seems good so far.
  • Testratyt
    2017-04-29 16:37
    this is a stolen mob... WoodmeadowFarmModding released it on there own site here the link : https://www.woodmeadowfarmmodding.com/downloads
  • @tetratyt
    2017-04-29 16:48
    it is not a stolen mod because engine aka adam released it himself
  • @tetratyt
    2017-04-29 16:48
    it is not a stolen mod because engine aka adam released it himself
  • @strudy
    2017-04-29 22:55
    Error: Mesh 'ID2427' has zero triangles. For newbies that don't understand this error, it is simply something that was in blender went outside of the "boundary" Anyone who is good at blender can easily find it an fix it, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PLAYABILITY, this is a NON error
  • Eng51ine
    2017-04-30 01:49
    As I stated, if you have issues, such as not being able to buy it, you have a mod conflict. As with any newly downloaded mod, add it to an empty mods folder first to get it in game. You need the special hook which I included in the description as well. Just how it is.
  • Zzzzz
    2017-04-30 03:52
    nice truck indeed where can the winch hook be found to hook up cars/trucks for recovery?
  • Eng51ine
    2017-04-30 05:57
    The hook is listed in the description
  • @eng51ine
    2017-05-01 02:05
    Dude, don't waste your breath. These idiots DONT read English, hence it doesn't matter how much you hold their hands, they still don't read, not even the comments.
  • Me


    2017-05-01 03:48
    JUNK! The base is Winston's from 15. Redid by Tim and then Adam changed the cab. It's still JUNK!
  • Hugo
    2017-05-01 14:06
    Bande de cons liser le commentaire au lieu de dire sa ne marche pas car sa marche tres bien et bravo au moddeur. Si vous voulez que sa marche il faut enlever le lightaddon et la salissure des pneu et il faut telecharger un crochet et puis sa marche
  • Sturdy
    2017-05-02 06:55
    this is a mistake!!!as not cool!!!
  • Nickyt.
    2017-05-04 16:26
    This truck is awesome!
  • Jack ryan
    2017-05-16 15:15
    Well, I hate to say this but you are the ignorant! Why don't you impress me with your intelligence and tell me how the mod works. That way I can change my opinion and say I was wrong, this is a good mod. Be the bigger man but no, you choose to act like 5 year old and start calling me names. How old are you?? Because I don't see your intelligence!!!Jack Ryan.
  • Mane
    2017-05-25 03:18
    bad zip file
  • Eng51ine
    2017-06-07 04:34
    Its all mouse controlled.... Depending on how your keys are already mapped, the controls may be different for you than they are for other people. It has been downloaded thousands of times and was tested for months before it was posted here. It works.
  • Jack ryan
    2017-06-19 16:16
    Mr. Eng51ne. I thank you for writing and giving me your information. Believe me I have tried all, I know the mod is controlled mainly by mouse. I can easily use the back arm of the vehicle and attach a tractor. I can easily use the crane, up and down, swing to the sides and I can expand and retract the crane. Believe me, I have tried everything. But I cant lower or raise the line on the crane. I just have to give up on this mod, but I thank you.
  • Max


    2017-06-27 05:09
    This is quite unique Though if u want a heavy wrecker to use on a truck aswell as a trailer i would reccomend the Kenworth Heavy Wrecker or some of the heavy Wreckers from the Repo Pack since this along with the Kenworth would work better together when towing both trailer and truck.
  • Austen2002
    2017-07-06 04:20
  • Max


    2017-07-09 13:17
    A word of caution and warning. Just like in the Heavy Repo Pack This truck on its own might tend to run into conflicts with the Light Addon Mod If u want to use this truck disable the light addon mod.
  • Jugger
    2017-09-05 18:08
    Truck will load after buying it
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