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Westfalischer Hof Tepe with cowshed v1.1
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Westfalischer Hof Tepe with cowshed v1.1

Hello everybody,
Here is the Westfälische Hof Tepe in the first version!
The farm contains a lot of details and was prepared for animation.

There are 3 functions in this farm.

Without animation (High Texture) (95MB)
Without animation (Low Texture) (45MB)
With Animation (High Texture) (108MB) (+ Assets) (Release: Within coming week)

The following versions will be added after release
The farm was packed in the GE well sorted in Transform Groups and each building is individually movable.
In general, a Westphalian family farm served as a template but should not represent a 1: 1 replica.

Things that seem to be unnecessary or you do not want to have for performance reasons or the same, you can easily remove ... The High Poly components are designed so that they can be removed separately from the rest ... (example:
If you want to have the Lightmaps you can get this on request at Facebook
To the creativeness of the texture!
For the mod in general, especially the textures, please read the enclosed "Read Me!" File!
PS. To the Hater, if you do not like the model because Uploaded Link or the same, you do not have to download it. Or just wait for the Eastern European side! Otherwise everything else please exceptionally define, I can not ask with statements: "What looks the shit out!" ... <- Des is not a constructive criticism ... Thank you!
Greetings Gallinger / Freak36558

Modell: Gallinger

->Selbst Gemachte Texturen (Fremdentwendung nur auf Freigabe!) (Gallinger)

Idee / Konzept: Gallinger

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