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White Fleet Addition (Map Traffic) v1.0
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White Fleet Addition (Map Traffic) v1.0

Hello Map makers. This pack is all seven traffic spline cars from the FS13 data file. They are converted to FS17 and in-game.

-- The lights and driver will need tweaked to your liking; they are in close proximity to their relative positions but mainly in to fulfill the xml requirements for the spline to work. Some will make them non-visible while others will make more accurate decor objects for the respective cars.
-- The cars currently do not change color. Haven't studied the tutorial for making the color schemes work.

Comes with an sample xml for use. Simple instruction is to place the 'cars' folder in your vehicles/cars folder of the data file. Use the xml on your modmap.
Release: For anyone who can take this pack to the next level by addressing the notes is free to release it as their own version.


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