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White Freightliner cabover v1
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White Freightliner cabover v1

White Freightliner cabover. Converted over from Fs15.  Few texture warnings. Update soon!
Full AO
Dirt textures.


  • Idk


    2016-10-26 21:41
    this mod doesnt work?
  • Dont upload crap!
    2016-10-27 03:37
    THOMAS! FIX THIS CRAP, STOP UPLOADING MODS TO THIS SITE THAT ARE BROKEN, FULL OF ERRORS CRAP! JAMES take this crap down and fix it! STOP uploading mods full of errors,
  • James3112
    2016-10-27 04:50
    Cry to someone else. A crap load of people has already downloaded and done spotlights. And if you can do a better job then do it and stay off my post! lol. And if its broke why would you say its full of errors? About as dumb as a bag of rocks I would say. And I stated in the desc. that there was some texture issues but trucks work fine. Not only for me.
  • Mz149
    2016-10-27 21:29
  • James3112
    2016-10-28 18:04
    Ваш более приветствовать, чтобы построить его лучше. Первый мод когда-либо преобразованы. Работает в течение тысяч. Также указывается в описании.
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