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Wielmoza v1.0
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Wielmoza v1.0

The map is Konwert with the FS15 from VenTurio Fs (have permission)
On the map you will find:
- 3 farms on which there are pigs, cows, sheep and chickens
- The door opened on the O key (required AnimationDoorTrigger)
- Purchase of animals
- Purchase of wood and crops.
- All three farms are fully functional
- 2 separate silos
- Shop with machines in the upper right corner of the map
- Turn down service in the barn
If you see an error on the map write to FanPage Farmingowe Photos
If wynosisz on other forums, please you you kept the entire contents Post
- Prohibition description changes
- Prohibition of change link
- Prohibition editing without permission

FS15: VenTuriO Fs
FS17: maruchalssa
Beta testers: RLD, Matt26, VenTuriO Fs, Quba_1234, Dobrzyniak

  • Blacky
    2017-01-25 02:55
    can you make this map mod rar file instead of zip-file because rar file works on my computer zip file doesn't work on my computer i love this mod map
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