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Wielton Agro Trailer Pack v1.3
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Wielton Agro Trailer Pack v1.3

Here for you the Wielton Agro Trailer Pack!
Included in the pack is the Wielton Agro PRC2BW14V as well as Wielton Agro PRS2W14V. The models are based on the Agroliner TKD 302 and HKD 302 from Giants.

What was done?
- Models changed in Wielton design
- Five different color options selectable
- Three different design configurations
- Four different wheel configurations
- number plate script

Modell: GIANTS Software
Textur: GIANTS Software / LU Wacker Chef
Script: GIANTS Software
Idee / Konzept: LU Wacker Chef
Tester: Vielen Dank an alle Teammitglieder von Lohnunternehmen Wacker & Partner für eure Ideen und Anregungen sowie für's testen.

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