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Wilson hopper black and pewter v1.6
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Wilson hopper black and pewter v1.6

This is a wilson hopper bottom from rafael that i ended up converting to different colors in fs15, which now i did the same to fs17, this version does have grain show up in the trailer. there is 2 known issues that i am working on currently and it dosnt mess with the game at all. all crops have the default "goldish yellow" color so for canola and sunflower it will still have the same color as corn. and there is no discharge particles coming out from the bottom of the trailer when unloading. i want this trailer released to at least have a trailer that does show grain in the hopper, i am currently still working on getting the grain colors properly organized and the discharge particles to match unloading. there was NO errors on the log. the b is still the black trailer and the other is the pewter. i do not have white on this pack because i prefer the darker colors. hope you enjoy.

myself for the color and fs17 conversion
and rafael for the trailer to start out with

  • Iceman
    2017-03-10 15:31 Send message
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    and again,another usless mod.wont even upload to the server.
  • Huskyfarmer
    2017-03-10 15:34 Send message
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    A little research will show that this mod has already been converted, full animations and 0 errors... oh and it's color-able.
  • Guest
    2017-03-10 15:56 Send message
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    Then husky farmer how about sharing a link? Because the only other wilson out there is from winston
  • Betterguest
    2017-03-11 00:41 Send message
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    Huskyfarmer doesn't know his head from his ass. The Wilson trailer he's talking about is a cattle trailer.
  • Iceman
    2017-03-11 18:15 Send message
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    these only work with single axle trucks
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-03-11 19:52 Send message
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    Even with single axle trucks the landing gear hits the mud flaps and either stops at a certain point or sticks and you can't steer.
  • Jd8295r
    2017-03-12 02:45 Send message
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    i will put a new version up now with the attatcher joint moved just tested with a kenworth dual axle truck and the lizard twin axle i am still working on the crop colors but havnt had a whole lot of time between work and class.
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-12 06:13 Send message
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    FYI if landing gear is too far forward just moving the attacher joint is a cheap way to alter it it needs put in blender or etc and the landing gear seperated and moved back to allow proper Clearance for the tandom axle Trucks only moving attacher does thats not aligned with the Kingpin is not right
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