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Wilson Hopper bottom v1.7
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Wilson Hopper bottom v1.7

same hopper bottoms as previously posted but the attatcher joint is moved to work with dual axle trucks. error free as stated before the only 2 issues is the grain has the wrong color and no animation by hoppers other then that the mod works great, so if you are rating the mod due to them flaws which were pointed out dont even bother reviewing them or downloading them.

rafael for the trailer
me for converting and colors

  • Jimmyblues
    2017-03-12 13:30
    The attacher was fine it's the landing gear that wasn't right trust me I'm a tow truck driver I've personally seen and know where they are.
  • Mav


    2017-03-12 16:37
    I am not sure how you figure this has no errors. I guess there is no errors until you buy them from the store and BAMB about 6 errors show up on the LOG
  • Jd8295r
    2017-03-12 20:51
    Jimmyblues my farm has 6 of these trailers the landing gear is in the right position, it would help if we had moveable 5th wheel plates like we need to move depending on each trailer, and mav i have no errors on my logs so if you have errors post them so i can see them since there is no errors on my log.
  • Mav


    2017-03-12 23:23
    These are just the first of the many errors in your mod I don't know how you can miss them Error: Failed to open xml file 'D:/Testing grounds/RZR_wilson_trailer_chrome_converted/modDesc.xml'.Load mod: RZR_wilson_trailer_chrome_convertedError: Missing descVersion attribute in mod RZR_wilson_trailer_chrome_converted
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