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Wilson Grain Trailer Pack
Models:  43ft, 36ft, 18ft pup, tandem dolly
Capacities: 49335, 42287, 22905, 0
Fill Type: Wheat, Rape, Maize, Barley, Oat, Soybean, Sunflower, Milo, Rye, Fertilizer
Price: $45,000, $35,000, $15,000, $2,500

Credits: RaFazar (Big Boss Modding), Lindbejb (LBJ Modding)

  • Johnt
    2016-11-16 10:36
    NEEDS WORK !!! I loke the idea but please make sure that it doesn't collide with the back of the semis , I don't know if it's a scale problem or what but you can't even turn them without them acting like there on a 3 piont hitch
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-16 12:05
    Definitely not the best conversion. None of it is even close to FS17 standards. Why limit the fill types? We don't have full types for tippers in FS17. All you need to do is bring it to FS17 tipper standards and it will share the same tipper properties set by the game. That will also enable it to take advantage of mods such as CCM which enable game tippers to haul it as well.I love this trailer by physical design, but the code needs to be completely redone to FS17 standards.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-16 12:27
    I forgot to add ... the screenshots ... those are all from FS15. Those are not FS17 shots.
  • Ash1223
    2016-11-16 20:16
    Seriously?! You are STUPID Joke and whoever you are I just wanna say you don't belong here. Converting from fs15 isn't all easy! When it is first done it needs the lights to be fixed as well as the guarantee that it will have MANY errors so therefore you should really do some research. and to, this modder may have converted it and uploaded it not fixing any of the things wrong so you too need to do some research my friend.
  • Joke
    2016-11-16 20:20
    ok take the 10 mins to change the shaders and inport new coronoas, update some wheel lines, remove particles lines, update attacher joint lines, move mod desc to xml... this shit is cake, blows my mind how ppl can fail at such an easy task.
  • F u

    F u

    2016-11-17 00:08
    I still don't understand why anyone would bother uploading something that is as mangled as this or anything that doesn't properly work. Don't waste our time with your crap mods!
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-17 06:47
    My issue wasn't with the upload itself so much as the misdirection. The uploader uses FS15 shots, hoping no one will notice, and uploads an FS15 model that has absolutely NO edits or conversion done to it, and clams it to be an FS17 mod. I know not all mods are perfect. But as a modder myself I hold other modders to a standard of at least some form of honestly. This mod is nothing but click bait so the uploader can make cash off the clicks without having to do any work at all.
  • Blake
    2016-11-17 14:35
    I don't know what the problem is but when I pull underneath the silo with the 36ft trailer I can't fix it. If you could fix this that would be awesome
  • Nobody
    2016-11-18 05:08
  • @blake
    2016-11-18 05:09
    It's because the idiot doesn't even understand that FS17 completely changed how silos and overloaders and combines detect the "drop" zone. Do your homework, ALL mods that haul grain will have that problem, but it's a easy fix haha, for real modders.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-18 06:35
    @NOBODY ... Not sure why you linked that. Same mod, same issues. Can't even turn the truck when pulling those.
  • Lee6207
    2016-11-22 18:39
    when going to load out of storage silos doesn't give the load option when loading with combines doesn't show it being loaded
  • B


    2016-11-24 19:04
    issues: cant see grain in trailer, doesn't tell you how many trailers you have, doesn't tell you which one is over the pit for dumping, excellent trailers just fix these issues
  • Mf


    2016-12-02 08:26
    Trailers work well on my game, but the one issue I experience is that the trailers don't actually fill visibly with grain, otherwise it works good. @ B.....If you use a bigger trailer than the pup, it won't show you the trailer info, but if you attach a pup behind a 45 or 36 ft trailer, it shows you the two trailers and gives you all the command prompts normally....at least that's how it works on mine.
  • All bashing no action...
    2017-02-10 04:30
    Why does has this mod been converted 30 times, but no one has fixed the errors. Would someone that knows what they are doin please get permissions and fix this pack?? Im not a modder and have NO idea how to even start. But i am looking for an american hopper trailer that works.
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