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Wonderworld v1.1
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Wonderworld v1.1

This is my first map.

Version 1.1
Lamps were fixed in all halls as well as on the court silos.
All small errors known so far have been fixed.
All court silos must be empty.

the court has moved and scored some sheltering opportunities.
There are also 5 silos and a gas station on the courtyard gezocgen.
the animals are drawn against by the court as well as the schop
there have also come grass areas added.
Gold nuggets are currently no more strikes but come back.
the mod may only be published under the original download link.
MFG Fireface


  • Another goldcrest edit
    2016-12-20 18:17
    I was just thinking "there are not nearly enough edits of Goldcrest out there"...
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