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Wood Crusher v1.1 Fix
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Wood Crusher v1.1 Fix

The problem of not seeing the woods on the ground was partly eliminated.
NOTE: When the tree is in place I get close to the side trying to fix a minor error.

Texture: Darken-B
Script: Darken-B
Idea / Concept: Darken-B
Testing: Darken-B

  • Sarge
    2016-12-09 18:57
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    I like the look of this and would prefer that it be made to use on a frontloader. Unfortunately I can't get it to work. It unfolds and turns on and raises/lowers, and the pipe works but it will not crush trees. ?!
  • Barney
    2016-12-09 22:50
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    I found a way to work it. Drive the chipper up against the tree, get out the tractor, cut through the tree with a chainsaw. It should now chip the tree into the trailer behind.
  • Darkenb
    2016-12-10 15:06
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    I know there are some problems in the operation, please wait for the new version
  • Bishop patrick tierney
    2016-12-10 17:23
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    I can't get to work of standing trees, but if the logs are on the ground, it works fine.#
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