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Wood Logs Sound v1.0
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Wood Logs Sound v1.0

This mod plays sounds when you are logging with any vehicles or tools in the game.
Sounds play when:
- logs hit any other logs
- logs or trees hit the ground
- trees falling down to ground

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comments or to [email protected] and i will fix it in next version.


  • Ogrod
    2018-12-18 20:26 Send message
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    bonjour Kenny tout d'abord bravo pour ton mods mes faut il le mettre autre parts que dans son dossier mods ou bien y a til quelque chose a faire cer mon ca ne fonctionne pas merci a toi bonne soirre"
  • Ogrod
    2018-12-18 21:29 Send message
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    Hello Kenny your mods are gorgeous and thanks for sharing with us there are some things to do or we can put it as a normal mods in the folder mods thanks to you Bravo
  • Kenny456
    2018-12-18 22:13 Send message
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    Hello Ogrod, just put the zip to mod folder and everything should work. Dont forget this mod is for fs17.
  • Ogrod
    2018-12-18 23:47 Send message
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    Goodnight Kenny Super CA works genial This mods thanks for your mods
  • Tractor23
    2018-12-19 15:36 Send message
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    salut et merci pur ce superbe mod car je reste sur fs17 pour le moment car je pence que pour le moment ont est pas arriver a la hauteurs des mods de fs17 merci pour tout
  • Eepsquared
    2018-12-19 19:40 Send message
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    Please convert this to FS19! :)
  • @kenny456
    2019-03-21 08:35
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    Great work, and thank you! It works great in single player, but doesn't appear to function in multiplayer. Is this correct?
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