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Wood Crusher by db v1.2
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Wood Crusher by db v1.2

Wood Crusher v1.1 Fix

The problem of not seeing the woods on the ground was partly eliminated.
NOTE: When the tree is in place I get close to the side trying to fix a minor error.
Wood Crusher v1.2 Fix Improved

Internal capacity  40,000
Fixed the error of dumping in the trailer

Darken-B ,fabriciosscorza

  • Sturdy
    2017-07-12 09:59
    Warning: Invalid wheelIndex '3' in 'C:/Users/./Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_Wood_Crusher_v1_2/crusher.xml'
  • Darkenb
    2017-07-12 11:15
    Thanks for the corrections I have not had time to deal with. I'm not the original owner of the mod, I've done it like you do and I've done good work, health care.
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