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Woodmeadow Farm V1.1.2
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Woodmeadow Farm V1.1.2

Woodmeadow Farm is based in the New England region of the United States.  Here you will find many different sized and shaped fields to farm on, as well as animals to care for and forests to harvest trees to make lumber at the sawmill.
Woodmeadow features a small town, county fair, campground, apple orchard, and maple sugar barn.  There is a large main farm with plenty of garage and storage space, as well as a smaller farm to spread out your assets.

ENG51INE with additional input from Marhu and Giants.

  • Lexiontech
    2017-02-26 05:33
    Hey I like the layout of the map so far, but I cannot hire helpers with cultivator on fields after harvesting.
  • Eng51ine
    2017-02-26 08:26
    Make sure you plow the fields first.
  • Lexiontech
    2017-02-26 18:27
    I will try that, thanks for the reply.
  • Logan
    2017-02-26 19:39
    love it but I cant open the doors
  • Woody
    2017-02-26 19:55
    Ha Ha! All the years that I've been playing this game , this is closest to New England. I'm fron the the 603 area so got a kick out of the state flag, Dunkins' mobile home park and volunteer fire departments. Good job
  • Eng51ine
    2017-02-26 21:40
    @Logan, doors are opened by walking up to them and pressing the left mouse button. If you do not have that option, it is possible that you have a mod conflict.
  • Hoosier
    2017-02-26 23:33
    North west side of map, near the milk factory is a storage area with 2 static pieces of equipment. One is an excavator that is levitating, the other is a payloader. I have edited mine, but for a future upgrade this one is note worthy. Thanks for the US map!
  • Eng51ine
    2017-02-27 00:34
    @HOOSIER thanks, I did some editing of the campground area and must have missed that area, thanks!
  • Smudge
    2017-02-27 23:45
    I am trying to deliver a load of soybean to the Bakery. It won't let me get on to the grate to unload. There is a solid obstruction from either side!!!! What??!!
  • Hoosier
    2017-02-28 20:10
    @ENG1INE - the field markers on 5 (i3D) are all over the map, and the only way I now is I decided I wanted the AI to own the map. I opened GE i3D, reset 5 - 8 and I know do not have field 5 planted on the entire map. LOL. Only reason I brought it up is that if anyone is as OCD as me, and do not know how to mod, they may get stuck.
  • Sjeagles
    2017-03-03 18:23
    Excellent map, I really like all of the storage buildings! Thanks for all of your hard work!
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