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Woodpile Help v1.0.0.1
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Woodpile Help v1.0.0.1

Hello @,

The collision mask has been modified so that the frame does not sink into the ground.

Here I have for you the woodpile aid, which has found in LS 15 very well received.
Last I have the optical pickup for the wheel loader. Thus, one can see better where to start.
For Telelader I did not do it, because the recording ligt between the front loader and the loader, which would then become just a lump of metal.
I like it that way.
So you can take the front. Telephone, and wheel loaders to move and load the rack. With the Telelader can also be stacked up to four superimposed.
Logs up to 7 m in length fit into the frame.
Loaded with timber can secure the frame with the tensioning straps. Empty it is not because I'm still working on it.
If me there someone can give a tip, I would be very grateful.
So and now have fun with the wooden stacking aid.
Greeting PowerPeter008

Modell: PowerPeter008
Textur: PowerPeter008
Idee / Konzept: PowerPeter008
Tester: Maulwurf63

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