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Woodshire Map v2.2
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Woodshire Map v2.2

Woodshire is a small city in the north of the USA.

- release on consoles
- prepared for seasons mod

- cow drit area fixed
- chopped straw fixed
- woodchip selling point fixed
- small details added

- soy milk production -> Selling point for milk at the bakery
- milk from the cows can be transported and sold
- redesign of the landscape in the west of the map
- new street textures
- farms completely rebuilt
- gas stations on farms
- two more workshops
- new paths between fields
- objects "under" the map removed
- start vehicles edited
- lights at the biogas plant and the railroad crossing fixed
- many new decoration objects

Required Mods:
- Chopped Straw For Harvesters (By: webalizer)


  • The ford man
    2018-01-30 20:04
    Ich weis nicht was diese Karte mit den USA zu tun hat !
  • Chain
    2018-02-05 03:06
    this a great map one of my favorites now ..the only thing it needs is MUD!!!!! can you add some to it like on the dirt roads and enough to where getting stuck is possible.
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