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Woodshire v2.1.0.0
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Woodshire v2.1.0.0

Woodshire is a small city in the north of the USA.
-cow drit area fixed
-chopped straw fixed
-woodchip selling point fixed
-small details added

-soy milk production -> Selling point for milk at the bakery
-milk from the cows can be transported and sold
-redesign of the landscape in the west of the map
-new street textures
-farms completely rebuilt
-gas stations on farms
-two more workshops
-new paths between fields
-objects "under" the map removed
-start vehicles edited
-lights at the biogas plant and the railroad crossing fixed
-many new decoration objects

Required Mods:
- Chopped Straw For Harvesters (By: webalizer)


  • Fsreviews
    2017-07-16 11:45
    Here is a review of the maphttps://youtu.be/9-QcOlydmJY
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