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World Challenge v1.1.0
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World Challenge v1.1.0

Welcome to World Challenge

Version 1.1
- Fix Apfelpaletten

In the beginning, it's up to you to make some money with lettuce, tomatoes, fish and wood to help you make your way to the big island.
Rode the forest to create fields. You can do with the additional mod "soil modification" ways.
In the shop there is a separate section of the map with various Placeable Objects to expand your yard.
enjoy building
your TuneWar

Idee / Konzept: TuneWar
Sonstige: TuneWar

  • Delcroix
    2018-03-14 17:51
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    Bonjour , pourriez me dire avec quel engin , ou remorque charge -t-on les tomates et les laitues . Merci de me répondre . Bonne soirée
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