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Wschodnia Dolina v1.1
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Wschodnia Dolina v1.1

Hi, hi! I am Rajot GPLAY, and today I present to you my new map which is EASTERN VALLEY!
The movie, which you are about to see, have already seen the map only in a small extent.
The map has many modifications, new scripts, textures and original models!

Amendments in version 1.1:
- white objects have been removed
- chopped mod was repaired
- new sky
- NPCs are no longer levitating
- DXT5 for textures has been added
- texture minimap added
- new field roads textures
- the traffic of tractors has been added

In the map you will find:
- 6 farms (in different styles)
- Cows
- Sheep
- Chickens
- Pigs
- 132 fields (purchased)
- 25 meadows (purchased)
- Biogas plant
- Purchase of Straw
- Sawmill
- 5 forests
- Polish Purchase Names
- To collect 100 Lumps
- Oats and Rye
- New Textures of Plowing and Crops
- Traffic (cars and pedestrians)
- Openable gates and gates (on the button)
- Lights in the garage (on the button)
- Real Sky
- Mud
- Mod Chaff
- Mod slurry (visible in the field)
- Lime Mod (visible in the field)
- Manure Mod (visible in the field)
- Terrain textures 360 '
- Animated Animals (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)
- Map compatible with Season
- Lubelski Klimat
(An interesting fact is that on the map you will find the real farm of the map's author)

Thank you for downloading my map! :D


  • Michael
    2018-06-25 18:46
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    Mai i suggest you reinstate the old field roads textures , those new ones make`s them too even , no dumbs no noting old ones where great + with that mud god they where perfect
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