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WTS17 v1.0
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WTS17 v1.0

Wellcome to Slovenia 17 is new map from WTS series.

Wellcome to Slovenia 17 puts you in the place of farmer in Slovenia, beautiful land under the Alps. Face the challanges Slovenia offers to become the biggest farmer in the WTS history.

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Credits: Kirezagar Mods


  • Mitja
    2018-02-11 18:04
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    Spectacular map ! :)
  • Thecleaner
    2018-02-11 20:58
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    Fast linkhttps://www.ls17mods.com/wts17-v1-0/
  • Apollonius
    2018-02-12 02:13
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    Really? More hilarious would be you speaking Slovenian! Or ,say , German?.As to the map, it is a masterpiece. I didnĀ“t found any errors yet. It looks real 100%. I have been in Slovenia several times, and this is it! Congratulations for author(s), they managed to make the best Alps map I know.
  • @thecleaner
    2018-02-12 19:04
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    THANKS, fast download YES, and no hoops to jump thru
  • Alex2ruote
    2018-02-17 11:33
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    I like it a lot. The gameplay is quite hard though. You start with no grains (there's no silo anyway) and you don't have a harvester or a seeder. Even if you harvest all the fields it's hard to get out of debt! The traffic gets stuck every time. The water trigger at the pond doesn't work and the trigger for straw by the pigs it's hard to reach.
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