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Description: xerion pack gold by QWARES17 mod fs15 converted revised, corrected and improved xerion 5000 tractor - engine choice: normal -> 520 hp twin turbo -> 700hp - steering axle change - cab suspension - rotating cabin + reverse drive - Automatic wiper - wide tires high adherence, no need for twinning -IC: doors opening, steering wheel adjustment, radio, air conditioning, tachometer, cebis, gps, sunshade - system front and rear trailer tie kaweco slurry tank + water - 30000L 2 axles -40000L 3 axles self-directional kaweko ramp diffusion - working width 23 m kaweco trailer tipper 100000l -lighting leds -3 axles autodirectional 100% functional under fs17, log 100% without error.


  • Bayerbua
    2017-01-25 10:44
    stolen, stolen, stolen. .... without asking....
  • Oh noes
    2017-01-25 18:37
  • Haha
    2017-01-26 14:03
    Can't be stolen it if was up for the public to download. As soon as a mod is put on a public site it's fair game. Please though continue crying and see where it gets you....nowhere but looking foolish i assure you.
  • Petrolcan
    2017-01-27 02:12
    HAHA Best answer i seen yet,
  • Petrolcan
    2017-01-27 16:16
    Can sumbody please make this mod and other Claas combines and tractors work,wen i put any claas vehicles into my game i get bad glitch's on fields where the fields flash with grass in sum crazy shapes,please dnt say my pc can not handle the game i have an i7 [email protected] for 24/7 use,a gtx 970 overclocked both are watercooled ,8 gig ram,so its not the pc thats at fault,nothing else does this to my games only if i use claas,anybody got an idea
  • @petrolcan
    2017-01-28 05:40
    This is not an issue with any mod, it's a giants problem and there is already a fix for it in the newest patch due to be released soon. Please check the official Farming SImulator forum and it will explain in detail what the issue is and how they fixed it. Again.....this is NOT a mod problem but a giants problem. I have a better PC than the one you just listed and I still have the issue myself with tons of mods.
  • Mike
    2017-01-28 05:42
    I absolutely love this pack however I have found a problem. It seems that either the trailer is unable to load straw or just is unable to load it from the 3 point chopper attachment that goes on the front end. The mod one i'm talking about that picks up silage and basically every other fruit for easy loading into trailers.
  • Mike
    2017-01-28 05:59
    Just confirmed this will not load via a regular chopper with corn silage either. Please fix and reupload.
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  • Kohlerlove
    2017-01-31 13:53
    works great for me thx
  • Dustin
    2017-04-05 05:19
    Hey the trigger on the trailer needs to be moved fwd so it will register with the forger harvesters and milling machine attachment.
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