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XLFarms X1 BETA W.I.P v0.1.5
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XLFarms X1 BETA W.I.P v0.1.5

Welcome to the XLFarms X1 map. The first map of the XLFarms series for the game Farming Simulator17.
The XLFarms Project came up in 2009 with the modification of existing maps, such as BigVirginIsland. Then in 2011 with the Agritec and Fuhrmann Map EDITED. 2013 with Agrarfrost, Agroland, Paradise, Sunshine and in 2015 with XLFarms and its series of private maps.
I was severely criticized (with good reason, though I disagree) for using objects from other maps without permission. So I decided to stay away from FS15, so I did not post anything. Now I return.
Currently, it remains "private" with restricted sharing for those accessing my YouTube channel and Facebook page.
One of the main goals of having maps with large fields was the appearance of PatchTractor, currently CoursePlay. I wanted to use 2, 4, 6, 10 machines operating a same field, but the current ones were small and did not allow this. So I started modeling maps and sharing them.
If you watch the videos on YouTube, you will always see a lot of equipment working. This is beautiful!
The map does not have the creation of any type of animal. You also can not cut trees.
Like other maps that are emerging, with a specific branch of agriculture, in this map the focus is the production of grains. So do not ask to insert animals, as they are not part of the logic of the project.
It is still in development, so it is a BETA in state W.I.P.
I have not yet developed the documentation or tutorial of what you can do on the map, where the triggers are, what each seat does, where to put your grains, where to sell ...
Just an advice:
To fuel your seeder, spray ... buy fertilizers and seeds at the store.

Map by MoslessNeo
Sheds by Mike_Modding_nl
Bauer heini: Shell Tankstelle
Radarturm: Rummelboxer
auwgl: Bio-Diesel Raffinerie

  • Guest
    2017-04-13 13:56
    What kinda crap is this map, no commands work on the keyboard or game pad, you can't buy equipment, a 3 yr old could built and get the map to work better than this. Even though it's a Beta map, atleast get somethings working properly.
  • Claude
    2017-04-13 17:14
    Yes the map has some problems which needs to be fixed, BUT the map looks great It will be a fantastic map if they can fix the issues, the idea is fantastic, the design looks great.. its not worth downloading yet, but I look forward to the improved version. I think the in line trees all-over the place is a bit to much, and it definitely needs more selling points. But great idea
  • Name
    2017-04-13 17:48
    he never fix the map, he just steals eery he see.
  • Actually played it
    2017-04-14 00:22
    I don't know what you're seeing as stuff not working. I've put a dozen or so hours on this map and everything that's in the map is actually working. Doors open, chopped straw works. It's a Beta, so not everything works and he has said so. It's a really good map for this point in its development!
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