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ZD Stradov v2.0 Edited
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ZD Stradov v2.0 Edited

It’s a edited version of the map ZD Stradov V2.0.
Content: cows, sheep, pigs, chopped straw, mud, mission.
version v2 on the map was greatly contributed by the texture of Owlheart, thanks to Venco :-)
new textures, corrected bugs and flaws, mission disappeared (insignificant thing)
some fields have been added.
otherwise standard of cows, sheep, pigs, blinds.
the possibility of producing own diesel.
patch 1.4.4
Author: hp86


  • Ringovik
    2018-03-31 18:51
  • Picture
    2018-03-31 23:20
    pictures ???? pictures add some goddamn pictures
  • Hmmm
    2018-04-01 00:52
    no pictures = crappy map, don't bother
  • Allan
    2018-04-01 11:58
    au oui pas de piétons pas de traficks c'est pas la pêne de mettre temps de route des feus je sais pas pourquoi vous enlever piétons voiture ?
  • Ses de la merde
    2018-04-02 15:26
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