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Zelenaya Dolina v1.0.1.6
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Zelenaya Dolina v1.0.1.6

Russian map
Many productions
You need to buy the fields.
Standard animals
Cultures are standard + 13 cultures.
Author: Giants, unknown

Author: Giants,unknown

  • Serega
    2018-02-14 21:25
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    Card author Andrei Sprinseana
  • @andrei sprinseana
    2018-02-14 23:36
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    good map but please remove Airplane it lags map
  • Faelandaea
    2018-02-14 23:50
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    The airplane does not lag the map for me. And I like it a lot. Please keep it.
  • Hate to say it
    2018-02-14 23:59
    0 0
    FAELANDAEA they are right you do cry over FS17......i seen plenty of videos you crying like a school girl
  • Alain2624
    2018-02-15 00:10
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    It's not the green valley map?
  • Faelandaea
    2018-02-15 01:10
    0 0
    Nope. You are (as usual) incorrect. And how am I crying? I just praised the map. It was the other kid (you by the way) that was crying like a little baby that some little plane lagged your game to a halt. My PC is lower spec than yours is and I got a solid 60 FPS even with the planes. Nice try at trolling, though, kiddo. P.S. You do not have to watch any of my videos, even though you love them (you admitted that by saying "plenty" in your comment).
  • @faelandaea
    2018-02-15 01:57
    0 0
    apparently you dont know how to read.....go back to your crying and game playing...After these messages
  • Faelandaea
    2018-02-15 04:19
    0 0
    Me learn to read? Uhm ... okay so someone ELSE cried ... you mainly ... I stated, rather clearly (as usual) that there was no basis for the crying because the plane is obviously NOT lagging the map (Again evident due to the fact that my PC is lower spec than yours and I am having no issues) ... and I complimented a nice map ... and you say I am crying. Good one, genius :) See you on the stream :)
  • Trumpf is a genius
    2018-02-15 05:54
    0 0
    ZELENAYA DOLINA = Green Valley
  • Fstolear
    2018-02-15 13:12
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    na hrena slili karty pridyrki
  • Sturdy
    2018-02-16 11:25
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    STOLEAR,сливают только то ,что продают!!!!если не продают ,это не слив!!!!а если продают,это нарушение закона!!!
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