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Zetor 7245 final v2.0
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Zetor 7245 final v2.0

basic function
interactive controls
many moving parts
log clean
change color rim
wheel weight

better texture
more moving parts
dashboard lights

Model:Agrofarma Kások
Texture:Agrofarma Kások
Script:Agrofarma Kások
Idea / Concept:Agrofarma Kások
Testing:Agrofarma Kások ,Jzd strážnice
Other:Jzd strážnice

  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-09 23:49
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    No impressed, you could have done so much more!
  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-10 00:15
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    DL thumbs up love the texture, At least it is not the same camo crap certain user wrap their crappy mods in over and over, etc. keep it going.
  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-10 00:29
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    The comment above with was posted by LAMBOCOMM after they hacked my Mod hub account. Now they went around posting false comments on others mods to try and discredit me. Sorry for them being such a jerk.
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