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Ziarkovo v2.1
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Ziarkovo v2.1

FS 15 - MafiaGrabina (formerly President3P / ziarkovi
FS 17 - Kantez Moding

What's v2.1:
Added the possibility of converting bale into manure in the poultry house
Fixed Silo on QQ
Added triger selling cubes!
Fixed buying of machines (there is more space)
Fixed machine reset (there is more space)
The models you need for the map are available for download from v2
The map was even better optimized!
Clip Distance is set (all models) to 300

What has Map:
3 farms
54 fields / 11 meadows
stop with possibility to teleport to 2 and vice versa
sawmill with the possibility of buying boards / kiroft and selling trees
buying cereals
pedestrian traffic
mud on the fields
beautiful landscape (central Mazovia)
Trees that can be cut (All on map)
real sounds

Map has been optimized!
Will go on old / weak comps!

If the map has any errors please report it to the author of FS 17 (link above! Name Kantez) I for errors in FS 17 I do not reply and I will not help!

- Do not change the link!
- No impersonation of authors!
- You can edit but please keep the original name and authors
- Do not add to modpakow!


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