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Ziesetaler MV Map v1.1
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Ziesetaler MV Map v1.1

Hey Community,

Version 1.1
All errors in the log were fixed, all sales points were fixed
And the ground is now editable!

this is the MV Ziesetaler Map. It is based on the Sosnovka map and was rebuilt according to our expectations for multiplayer purposes. Full finished it is not, it will probably never be, because there is always something to rebuild.
We do not want to hide from the Map. The map is the area in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and inspired the Thuringian room ...

Ursprungsmap: Giants Software / Sosnovka Map
Umbauarbeiten: Roberto91 und Saroman93

  • Wtf


    2016-11-18 07:04
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    I can't wait until there are better building models. lol
  • Wtf two
    2016-11-18 21:48
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    @WTF if you want an updated farm with new bigger barns and machinebarns so it looks like a IRL farm, download hmadsenmapmod direct on facebook, cannot remember the page name, but search hmadsenmapmod or map mod.
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