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ZIL 130 Pack v1.0
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ZIL 130 Pack v1.0

Pack ZIL-130 for Farming simulator 17 essentially contains two game models – himself a truck and a 1-axle trailer to it. But not so primitive as it may seem. Body both meshes can be configured directly “on the fly”. This way you can get up to 4 types of different bodies (for on-board machine and the trailer):
standard board
The boards with additional extensions
Board with extensions for silage
Tanker 6 thousand. Liters (carries water, manure and milk)
The truck has animated parts: mud flaps, propeller shaft, tidy, etc. It has a built-in IR that lets you open the bonnet, the doors and the two hatch. Working mirror.
We provided equipment absolutely workable technique, there is a possibility of contamination. Wheel tracks and raise dust, all as expected. By the way, the log also clean.

We dont have any information about the author of this FS 17 mod. If you are an author, please contact us or leave a comment below and we will add your credits.

  • Kleeblatt
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    Bitte an den Modder. Errorfehler in ZIL_130.xml beseitigen.Errormeldung:Die Einschränkung kann nicht zu DataTable 'node' hinzugefügt werden, bei der es sich um eine untergeordnete Tabelle in zwei geschachtelten Beziehungen handelt.Bitte an alle evtl. hier posten was da gemeint ist und wie man es abändern kann, Danke
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