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ZIL-131 CUPID v1.1.0.0
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ZIL-131 CUPID v1.1.0.0

The author's words: Again, a small modification of the ZIL-130 AMUR river ,Green!For Farming simulator 2017! Power: 110 kW / 150 HP; - Speed: 61 km/ h; - fuel tank Capacity: 121 l.; - Cost: 45 800 €; - maintenance cost per day: 4€; - choice of body type; - working dashboard, leaves traces; - Dirty and clean.In this version changed the textures of the cab and body!Just replaced speculari dirt cab,body and wheels!There are certainly no improvements, no animation cardan, and do not get dirty glass,who has a desire to bring it to mind for the common good,respond!The authors are still in modax!But the way the log is clean! Authors: Eraevgenij Envelope Oleg Kreiss lenja (edit W_R), fixed RT-mods, Elena, Edit: Evgeny Naumov.

Edit: Evgeny Naumov

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