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ZIL MMZ-555 v1.0.0.0
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ZIL MMZ-555 v1.0.0.0

ZIL MMZ-555 for Farming Simulator 17
Body volume 5500l
Choice of cabin color and facing
Carries standard cargo + sand and gravel.
There is light, but it needs some work.
Getting dirty
Authors: Eraevgenij Redaktirovanie: [email protected]=-
Envelope in FS17: OreL RuS

[email protected]=-, OreL RuS

  • Smudge
    2019-01-22 01:16
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    Dyma 123- thought this mod would be perfect for me picking up stones and rocks. It will accept the product, but it won't allow the product to sit down in the box. Consequently, the product just rolls out the back when you start driving. Would love a fix on this great mod. Blessings man!
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