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ZIL PACK v4.5.1
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ZIL PACK v4.5.1

Author's words:
Hello again, I present to you one of the redistribution, this time ZIL. This pack, I removed all the tractors and semi-trailers, and left two dump trucks, chassis, trailer, barrel and food booth.
ZIL-675 engine, matching sounds. Power 185 HP
Transports all crops, put arched tires on the drive axle, also changed the texture of the wheels, the capacity of 8000L.
Engine MMZ D-245, the corresponding sounds. Power 105 HP
The same characteristics as the 554, only the capacity of 4800l.
Is also equipped with arched tires and other tire texture.
ZIL-130 Chassis.
The engine ZIL-130, the sounds will be replaced by others soon( and motor). Power 150 HP
Fit barrel and a food booth from the puck. you can also hook body kits from the Lawn-NEXT Pack.
All mods are scattered in their categories.
If the mod does not appear in the game it must be unpacked.
The pack will be updated.

Eraevgenij, Envelope Oleg

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