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Ztr mower v1
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Ztr mower v1

i did not make this mod i just wont it on modhub im dont know the creaters name but i take no credit.

4 ztr mowers thay work great

  • Typical from typical gaming
    2017-01-21 13:21
    i know the creators names but i am not a creator
  • 82kbody
    2017-01-21 13:30
    Creators Name is FSfamer11
  • Micah1380
    2017-01-21 22:55
    ok i cant change it. but all credit go yo he or she
  • Sweet250
    2017-01-21 23:07
    These mowers have no pick-up for storage
  • Austin harrold
    2017-01-21 23:08
    I want this mod please for free
  • Austin harrold
    2017-01-21 23:10
    I want this mod please for free please yo pretty please
  • Cm punks school teahcer
    2017-01-22 03:57
    People said that about snow plows, but now with the Seasons mod its essental. So think before you speak. I personally like having a lawn mower to box around the yard at my farm. Just because you dont like it doesnt mean others wont
  • Micah1380
    2017-01-22 23:34
    it is free i wont know what your tolling about.
  • Sweet250
    2017-02-06 21:47
    When I said no pick-up, I was talking about the bagged unit. In FS-15 this unit allowed you to pick-up the grass as you mowed, so you could store it in your silo, now it doesn't. Plus, I'm guessing some people don't consider mowing the over-grown fields of grass, so will some one please write a brush-fire script, this way, they will have reasons to mow the fields...
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-25 06:23
    i agree with SWEET250 the rear baggers do not pickup the grass clippings for bulk storage/feed bunks/silage bunks like they did in 15. they look good in 17 though.
  • Brandon tucker
    2017-02-28 03:10
    new yard mowers mods.
  • Sweet250
    2017-04-12 01:30
    I'm surprised after 2 months this mowers bagging unit still doesn't work like it should. Is there no one out there that can fix this problem, because I have tried several time to do it myself, but I'm no able to get both parts done. I can get the pick-up working, but can never discharge the clippings.
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