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Zurzach Map with productions v1.0
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Zurzach Map with productions v1.0

Welcome to the Zurzach Map
The map is rebuilt to 80% from my area. There are 5 yards with their own grain silos.

- flour (needs wheat / barley)
- bread (needs flour)
- seed / fertilizer (all cereals)
- beer (needs wheat / barley)
- apples (needs water)
- cheese, milk (needs milk)
- sugar (needs sugar beet)
- Cattle (needs grass, straw and produce: cows, milk, manure, manure)

Have fun playing
Greetings TuneWar

Idee / Konzept: TuneWar
Tester: TuneWar / Miacat

  • Not a good map
    2017-12-20 21:27
    it isnt a good map if it doesnt even have a picture of the map lmao
  • Nvm


    2017-12-20 21:28
    i see it now, sry xD
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