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MAZ 5337 v1.0.0.0
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MAZ 5337 v1.0.0.0

MAZ-5337 with an onboard platform, manufactured by Minsk Automobile Plant since 1987, also this chassis serves for the installation of various equipment and mechanisms. 180 hp engine YMZ-236 The volume of the fuel tank - 200 liters. Body volume - 8 m3, maximum speed - 85 km / h.
Standard animation FS19 (suspension, pedals, driver, cab, wipers, hoses); mud; selection of color discs, cab, body; mirror adjustment; on the body - opening the sides and belts; the log is clean.
R.S.: It is planned to refine and expand the mod on this chassis, so the author's link will be saved when publishing.

SSHa (Сергей Шапошников)

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