Farming simulator 2019 mods
 MOD Manager v3.5.3
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MOD Manager v3.5.3

This version supports FarmingSimulator 19 and FarmingSimulator 17.

v3.5.3: Fixed some translation errors. Fixed opening speed mods

When you first start, if the program detects two installed games at once, you will be asked in which mode to work. In the same window, you can enable or disable the query before each launch of the manager. Also, the selected mode can be changed in the settings. When a single game is detected, the manager will start up in the appropriate mode.
Categories for 17 farms, I had to adjust to the new interface.
Also in the "All Modifications" menu, icons appeared on the mods indicating which game they are for, you can check if mods are installed by mistake. You can disable the icons in the same place in the pop-up menu at the top by clicking the gear icon.
The same icon will be displayed during the installation of mods.

Run the MODManager_v3.5.3 Multi file from the archive.


  • Best
    2019-03-01 18:10
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    Probably the most useful software !Very friendly to use, no error, very efficient.For those who have no clue how to modify a XML file, it is a must have !Thank you so much.
  • Why is the app keep closing
    2019-05-02 00:07
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    the app keeps closing for no reason trying to remove duplicates and it will not finish loading the program
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