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1948 Chevy COE flat deck v1.0
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1948 Chevy COE flat deck v1.0

1948 Chevy COE flat deck you can use with or without gates. Has a hitch, working gauges, wipers and mirrors. Full UDIM textures and lighting with wear and dirt. Custom substance textures on bed and cab by the man David Fructuoso himself.

Expendables Modding
Special thanks to Larry Capen for bringing us the model and allowing us to share it with you all.

  • Mike
    2019-01-12 10:22 Send message
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    This is a nice mod!..Works great, holds 7 pallets of wool, tension belts work perfect. Nice job!!
  • Wolfffish
    2019-01-12 10:45 Send message
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    The wooden deck of this truck is cool.
  • Grant
    2019-01-12 10:54 Send message
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    beautiful truck, well done.. thank u for sharing it.
  • Shaun smith
    2019-01-12 11:14 Send message
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    Mod Reviewhttps://youtu.be/8OD0PJpW4ZI
  • Wildbill1
    2019-01-12 11:36 Send message
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    This is a great mod, about time something comes from these guys that actually works 100% flawlessly. They do good work but usually there stuff is laggy with multiple texture errors or warnings but this one is simply fantastic. Great job!
  • Poopy pants
    2019-01-12 16:32 Send message
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    This would be a killer grain truck!
  • Drakomis
    2019-01-12 17:36 Send message
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  • Tyler
    2019-01-12 18:04 Send message
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    can you upload the 3500 cummins that the squad has
  • Mike
    2019-01-12 19:58 Send message
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    @EXPENDABLE... A trailer that matches the bed would be so awesome...something to think about perhaps LOL..I do love this truck :)
  • Expendable
    2019-01-12 20:17 Send message
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    Thank you all, we will have more versions of this truck. Building a ramp truck now, possibly a grain truck and maybe a [email protected] the 71 Chevy shouldn't have any errors, lmk if there's an issue. @Tyler that 3500 isn't ours, we have a lot of members that share on the page. Sometimes when they say they got it from our page it isn't actually our [email protected] we might be working on some trailers. ;)
  • Wrangler
    2019-01-12 21:08 Send message
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    Great job! Would like to see larger wheels and a grain version. Keep up the good work!
  • Ibrahim
    2019-01-13 00:19 Send message
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    The truck that was waiting, very good mod, thanks for the work.
  • Look
    2019-01-13 00:28 Send message
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    Mod Reviewhttps://youtu.be/5p1OPD_iOIU
  • Hubcap
    2019-01-13 01:50 Send message
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    This would make a Killer auto loader for pallets
  • Trucky
    2019-01-13 04:17 Send message
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    Any of the old trucks you do will be enjoyed if they're like this one. Thanks.
  • Yap


    2019-01-13 14:39 Send message
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    Good work. Only the unfolding could be better. It takes way too much space.
  • Barn
    2019-01-13 17:57 Send message
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    thanks for spending time and always having good and cool mods. Thank you Expendable modding!
  • Bossman
    2019-01-16 07:12 Send message
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    I can not get this in my game I put it in my mods folder. When i go to mods at the home screnn i can see it but when I go to the savegame 4 for example it is not there to go in game.
  • Pj


    2019-01-20 15:21
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    Great man just great Thanks for all your hard work and time
  • Mroutlaw
    2019-01-21 03:32 Send message
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    why i was removed from the facebook Group i dident do anything to be removed id like a reason this is now what my friend told me you guys do to people
  • Briar
    2019-03-09 15:37
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    can you make a tow truck pack for fs19 expendebals
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