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1987 Chevy K20 Service FIXED V1.0
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1987 Chevy K20 Service FIXED V1.0

This is a 87 chevy k20 service truck LED light bar options 52IN 22IN Engine Configs Dynamic Suspention! MORE VERSIONS TO COME!

Expandables, JD Modding

  • Invisible body texture`
    2020-05-17 19:47
    4 1
    The body of the truck is invisible for me. tried changing paint and deleting shader cache and still fucked.
  • Name
    2020-05-17 20:49
    4 2
  • Better pictures
    2020-05-18 00:35
    1 1
    How hard is it to take good pictures?!? Do I have to do for you???
  • Wow


    2020-05-18 00:56
    10 2
    you guys are a bunch of ass holes you don't have to down load or even keep the mod it took hours for him to make the mod that your dumb asses aren't able to do your self its little bitches like you that make mod makers stop doing stuff for every one and make for there self then you will bitch because there are no mods for the game so shut your moth stop acting like a bitch and be happy for all and any mods that come out if you want to try and help make the mod better then let him know whats wr
  • Thank you
    2020-05-18 01:08
    1 0
  • Wow


    2020-05-18 05:45
    3 9
    mod sucks ass, fuck what that other guy said. make mods, slave.
  • Bigrich says
    2020-05-18 07:56
    1 1
    LMAO @ the comments. BigRich impresses himself with his Eminem impression -...fuck your lip - sour - it drips piss..cussin' - fussin' like a bitch for an hour - cause U isn't - ain't - shit...just a notha.. wanaB-Nuttin' no rebel - no cause - cause nobody cares
  • It's broken
    2020-05-19 18:18
    2 0
    I think this would be a great mod. everything about it works for me but the body is invisible. could you fix it and rerelease it plz?
  • Custom
    2020-05-20 00:40 Send message
    0 0
    Awesome idea! Just change the body to make it look beter!
  • Johnathan
    2020-05-20 01:33
    0 0
    This truck doesn't look right to me
  • Name
    2020-05-29 22:57
    1 0
    For the 1987 model year, this truck would be an r/v series making this truck a V20, not a K20. I'm not a fan of aftermarket grilles or those rims and lift kits, but who am I to judge? I don't know how to make mods. Anyways, other people are saying they can't see the body. I'll see for myself, but if that is the case, a fix would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Body
    2020-06-02 06:25
    1 0
    the body is invisible please fix this
  • @ better pictures
    2020-06-10 05:42
    0 0
    who gives a shit
  • Boom
    2020-06-10 06:51
    0 3
  • Jj


    2020-06-10 18:06
    0 0
    You should convert some of your mods to FS17.
  • Body is invisable
    2020-06-25 21:36
    0 0
    The body wont show up...which sucks because I really want to use this truck. Could you please try to fix the body?
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