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1996 f350 light blue v1.0.0.0
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1996 f350 light blue v1.0.0.0

This is a light blue 1996 f350 truck.
hope you enjoy and have great fun with this mod.
245 horse power
cost 7000
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Black widow modding

  • Ethan
    2019-03-07 10:58
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    I appreciate your mods, but out of curiosity, why is it you don't just make this thing with the color options? I love this truck, and hope you get the details worked out like your others. Thanks man! :D~Nudge nudge~ A middle side stripe on this thing would be the bomb for me, pops had a maroon one with a silver stripe >.< I miss it so much XD
  • Ethan
    2019-03-07 11:00
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    Oh, one more thing. Maybe.. If possible.. assuming you make them with configurations in the future... Some stock chromes wheels... Would be so.. So perfect ^.^
  • Adubs
    2019-03-07 13:45 Send message
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    OK thanks Ethan i will try thanks for liking it.
  • Wareing
    2019-03-08 04:46
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    can this truck get dirty at all? i love the truck! i drive a 96 f350 that is tan
  • Adubs
    2019-03-08 13:40 Send message
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    Will soon i am trying to learn how to add it.
  • Lwanca
    2019-04-17 05:30 Send message
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    adubs if u trying to do dirt u wanna go to the custom shader part of materieal editing on each part then add new shader and find your fs directory data then theres shaders then veichle shader shld be all or theres also a folder name fs17 support and theres a dirt shader in there too whatever one looks better good luck
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