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2010 Chevy 3500 Long Bed DRW with plow mount v1.0
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2010 Chevy 3500 Long Bed DRW with plow mount v1.0

After posting a tutorial on how to add a plow mount to a truck, people were having nothing but problems with it. Apprently its also too hard for some people according to comments, so here is a truck with a plow mount already on it to make everybody happy.

2010 Chevy 3500 Long Bed DRW w plow mount for western plow from HD Modding facebook group. You need to join the group to download the plow.

Matt's Modding - original author

Richwoodrocket -
convert to FS 19
Remove bed
Cut crew cab to single cab
Put new dashboard in
Put seats in
Put new tires and wheels on
Put Bed on
Redo tensionbelts
Add new exhaust
add reese hitch

add plow mount

Matt's modding, richwoodrocket

  • Scooter
    2019-08-11 18:28
    6 2
    Now all we need is someone to post that plow :-)
  • Me


    2019-08-11 18:44
    0 2
    HD Modding on FB
  • Forester x
    2019-08-11 19:16
    5 1
    He is mad cause people made him do the work of a modder. Most people do not have the programs or knowledge to do this stuff. Don't like finishing your mods don't make them. Someone will eventually do what you hate doing and blame others for.
    • Rchwdrckt
      2019-08-12 02:25 Send message
      6 4
      The work of a modder? I am not getting paid for any of this. So you're welcome for all the things I have put out for Farm Sim so far.
  • Adubs
    2019-08-11 20:04 Send message
    1 2
    people it is not that hard all you need is giants editor and notepadd++ and add the code needed.
  • Adde77
    2019-08-11 23:52 Send message
    1 1
    @ADUBS I agree its not hard if u know the basic´s of GE,but many many ppl play FS on old GPU´s that dont support open GL 4.5 and there for cant run GE.And even more ppl dont know a thing about GE and only play the game.
  • Name
    2019-08-12 16:45
    0 1
    can you make a CHEVY SILVERADO 3500HD PLOW TRUCK
    • Rchwdrckt
      2019-08-13 00:48 Send message
      1 1
      Thats what this mod is...
  • Name
    2019-08-13 05:59
    0 1
    do the all the lights work on it?
  • Dan


    2019-08-13 07:48
    0 2
    no they dont
  • Ooo


    2019-08-13 21:27
    1 1
    needs to do more work in cab camera don't work can see sky unless he made convertible interior is like a mirror steering wheel don t work I could go on but could be here a while
  • Travin
    2019-08-23 16:52
    0 2
    is it for ps4
  • Hey...
    2019-09-08 02:05
    0 1
    can you also make a plow cuz i cant find one anywhere because there all private
  • Jaxon
    2019-09-12 02:20
    3 1
    Ok so for those of you looking fora plow try going to expendables modding i believe he has a plow mod there. Also for the people who said that its easy and all we need is a few things maybe our computers cant handle the programs so its actually not that easy oh and who ever said it is for ps4 how f*cking dumb are you he said it in the description that is is not going to be for ps4 or xbox
  • Jaxon i like the coment
    2020-03-01 02:53
    0 0
  • @travin
    2020-05-11 06:09
    0 0
    ur so stuppid no mods that have real manufacturers that giants doesnt have a licence with WILL NEVER BE ON CONSLE DUMB A*S
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