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2010 Gmc 3500HD v1.0.0.0
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2010 Gmc 3500HD v1.0.0.0

Ok everyone today is the day that i am finally releasing the 2017 3500HD Chevy High Country V2, The truck comes with many features, configurations and a couple animations.
- Working interior lights
- Full dynamic suspension
- When Service bed is selected you can activate service trigger by the door over the rear left tire.
- 7 Bed options
- Interior color options
- Body wrap options (only for cab, Towbed, and Service bed)
- Side step options
- Front and Rear bumper options
- and many many more
For those that are wanting to use the service bed, I'm afraid as of right now you can only attach this truck itself using the towbar (located in the misc category). i will be seeing if i can come up with another solution so you can attach any vehicle, but for now you can only do this truck itself.

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  • Name
    2021-02-10 16:39
    7 1
  • Name
    2021-02-11 05:05
    0 4
    how do i get it to work i downloaded it and even tried un ziping it and it still wont work
  • The truck wont work
    2021-02-11 15:02
    0 3
  • @name
    2021-02-11 16:10
    3 0
    do you have the latest update of fs19? works fine for me.
  • Ford guy or chevy?
    2021-02-12 01:34
    2 1
    very nice truck good modle
  • Name
    2021-02-12 05:52
    7 12
    This is a really good mod but the front of the truck is from a 1500. Don't know if theres a model with the HD front end that could be edited on but other than that nice job!
  • @name
    2021-02-12 15:39
    11 8
    that is the correct front end...
  • Name
    2021-02-12 23:24
    4 2
    nice truck
  • Johnny
    2021-02-13 07:06
    11 13
    Nah “Name” was actually right they are 2 different front ends. the 2500 and 3500 have a different hood and front bumper google the 1500 and 2500 and you’ll see the differences. Know what you’re talking about before you try to correct somebody man
  • @johnny
    2021-02-14 20:19
    12 4
    i see no difference other than air inlet on the bumper: https://cdn.jdpower.com/Models/640x480/2010-GMC-Sierra3500HD-SRWWorkTruck.jpg
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    2021-02-14 20:32
    12 5
    Ha ha ha, classic ModHub arguments about something being wrong, something being different, blah blah blah. News flash: NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. It's a truck, it's fairly close to it's 1500 counter part. Yes, there are a few things here and there that make it a little different, but let's not creme our jeans over it. Be happy that you even get this truck. But go ahead, keep trolling, it's worth the laugh! Ha ha ha!
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    2021-02-15 07:55
    12 1
    all of you are so needy like damn just stop arguing. yes the front ends are different but who cares. this is why nobody releases anything good anymore, people don't appreciate it
  • Comment...
    2021-02-16 18:38
    3 1
    This is a real quality mod! We need more quality GM truck mods in the game, and this exceeds my standards. Thank you for making this quality mod.
  • Noob1234
    2021-02-17 06:14
    5 3
    @name is correct there bucko, there is no difference! take your own advice kid.
  • Nicedevil96
    2021-02-19 10:34
    0 3
    Hi, will this be console ready? i really hope it will be
  • @nicedevil96
    2021-02-19 20:55
    2 1
    for the millionth time, it won't be on console, giants doesn't have the license for it, look up stuff before you ask dumb questions, have a nice day!
  • Sam


    2021-02-20 19:10
    4 1
    Those who say its the correct front need to seriously check their eyes. its the 1500 front end. you can argue all you want to, but it is. Not trying to take away from a good mod, because its sick, but little details like that give chest pain. that grille needs to be taller, as does the middle bumper piece(plastic part). and you need a opening in that bumper to cool shit off, it is a diesel you know...
  • Name
    2021-02-23 00:04
    0 0
    you dont unzip anything
  • Alex
    2021-02-26 04:30
    1 0
    LMAO @ all the speds who think this mod has the correct front clip. Y'all really are slow if you think the 1500 and the 3500 got the same front, or maybe you're just children trying to act up on the internet
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