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2011 Ford F-350 CrewCab v1.1
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2011 Ford F-350 CrewCab v1.1

This is the original 2011 Ford F-350 CrewCab by Expendables Modding. All I did was give it more power to tow a variety of different equipment, considering this thing was severely underpowered. Nothing else was changed.

- Power increased to 626HP

Original model credit goes to Expendables Modding.

Expendables Modding

  • Guest
    2018-12-13 22:49
    can u make dully ? lol
  • Koalat
    2018-12-14 01:25
    @GUEST that is configurable when you buy the truck in game.
  • Ian


    2018-12-15 01:07
    Much better than the last iteration. I can actually tow my large joskin trailer now without the front wheels lifting off the ground, plus the horsepower is amazing.Still tho, the lights are a little strange, and the hitbox for the bed is messed up. Loading my eggs into the bed and they were falling right through. Also you can't open the tailgate.
  • Rakkasans
    2018-12-16 16:43
    this mod didn't live up to its hype.
  • Carfan221
    2018-12-18 04:52
    the srw need some fuel rims and nice off road tires?
  • Amber worden
    2018-12-21 20:47
    This is what I get when I try to use this mod.Unknown file type 'shared/Thumbs.db' Space character not recommended in filename: 'textures/orange glass.dds' Space character not recommended in filename: 'textures/Red Glass.dds' Unknown file type 'textures/shared/Thumbs.db' Space character not recommended in filename: 'textures/Spec2 - Kopi.dds' Unknown file type 'textures/Thumbs.db' Space character not recommended in filename: 'textures/window_
  • Ramonefl
    2018-12-31 04:51
    the truck doesn't appear in the DLC/MODS area, only o MODS area, in the main menu, can somebody help me?
  • Mike

    Mike (GUEST)

    2019-01-21 01:58
    I'm not one to download trucks because of past experience. They all seem to be junk or conflict with other mods. This truck on the other hand is well worth the download. Sounds great, drives awesome and no conflicts with all the mods I have. (40+) And the horn is priceless LOLThanks for a great mod. I finally have a modded pick-up that I can use and like a lot!!10/10P.S. Where can i grab the goose trailer in that video?, I can't find it. Thanks again :)
  • Mike

    Mike (GUEST)

    2019-01-21 02:10
    FOUND IT... Sorry, page 29 i must of missed it the first scan....I'm gettin old :(
  • Koalat
    2019-01-23 19:25
    Remember all, this mod came from Expendables. I have no prior contact or relation with Expendables. All errors are from the original model. @CARFAN221 you can find Expendables Modding on Facebook (I believe) and ask them to make an edit.
  • Koalat
    2019-01-23 19:27
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