Farming simulator 2019 mods
2014 Pickup with semi-trailer and autoload v1.2
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2014 Pickup with semi-trailer and autoload v1.2

2014 Pickup with the following configuration options.

Version 1.2
Added wooden pallets
please read the description carefully

main colour
rim colour
Paint for fender widenings
Front ram protection colour
Colour for the beacon strip on the roof
Colour for roll bar and radiator grille
saddle plate
ram protection
Nokian extreme tyres
Trelleborg extreme tyres
Engine variants with more power
- in addition I used a beacon bar as well as speed cameras on vehicle and trailer

unfortunately it doesn't allow you to configure more than 6 colors in the shop right now

there are also 2 trailers
one under bale technique with autoload
one under low loader

The bale transport trailer has autoload for the following
Pallets 8 pieces
Square bales 15 pieces
Round bale 1,3m 16 pieces
Egg cartons 80 pieces
Cotton bale 1 piece
Mission pallets 8 pieces
Board pallets 3 pieces

the low loader can just transport vehicles.unfortunately this is possible with the tension belts sometimes and sometimes not

The mod was built by Edwards Modding ( thx for that ) and I have installed the rest like color selection and autoload.after arrangement with him I may publish the mod

I had to remove the script because it caused problems with the newer EAL script.

so that the autoloader works you have to load this easyloadermod additionally.

just click on the following link, go to register and enter your email, then note the 4-digit pincode in the email and enter in step 2.then choose your username and password ( 12 characters).the process is finished simply click on the following link again or simply go back in the browser until you are at the mod

who has questions and suggestions can announce itself gladly in my Discord https://discord.gg/jmg8Rw
otherwise have fun with it
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Modell: Edwards Modding / Pitbullix1
Textur: Edwards Modding / Pitbullix1
Script: alfalfa6945 / autoload ),Ifko[nator] ( addconfig ) ,GtX | Andy ( lightextensions)
Idee / Konzept: Edwards Modding / Pitbullix1
Tester: Pitbullix1 / Onkelbob

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  • Poop
    2020-02-19 04:13
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    this is a bad mod i mean bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad
  • Amazing
    2020-04-15 06:26
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    ok so I think this app is amazing I have always wanted more equiptment on my farm including vehicles.i watched a totural on youtube to learn on how to use this app but the only thing is that when ever I try and download it it always says I have to save it to my files but that's to difficult for me. that's the only wrong thing about this app. wait wait no there is nothing wrong its amazing but my computers intelagince is to much for me so in thay case I cant figure out how to do it so that means
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