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2020 Ford F-Series 250-450 v2.0.0.0
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2020 Ford F-Series 250-450 v2.0.0.0

It has been a long time coming but thank you guys and gals for being so patient with me through the time it took to get this truck done. (DISCLAIMER: IT WILL NOT BE ON CONSOLE) and (WILL BE LAGGY ON BOTTOM END COMPUTERS) + Due to the number of different features the Log is not clear but does not affect the gameplay in a catastrophic way

New features include:

New flatbed option
New Interactive controls (Topper door, Cover lid, Ramps, Wipers, and Mirrors)
New bed features (toolbox, cover, and topper)
New 5th Wheel Tailgate and Hitch
New Colors (I Believe 7)
Reorganizing of store option placements

 One issue that has been noticed is when there are a lot of mods in a multiplayer map the mirrors will not fold in all the way because of conflicts.

 I hope all of you enjoy this truck to its fullest extent and all of its new uses!

Big Shoutout to all my Facebook Buds that helped with the process of the truck in the category of (Sounds, Scripting, Models, Suggestions, Testers, and much more)

Mrboomnastic, Roro Customs, And anyone who had a contributing part into this mod to help it become the tuck it is

  • Quawker
    2020-01-11 11:09
    2 8
    Just an FYI, the driver-side mirror's indicator isn't workingThanks, love the mod.
  • Name
    2020-01-11 12:00
    1 22
  • Just a note
    2020-01-11 19:41
    6 12
    This pickup is missing a hitch of any kind. I cant hook up any trailers to it.
  • Lua collector
    2020-01-11 20:49
    14 9
    Could you add some more LUA errors? I dont think it has enough.
  • Nonnus
    2020-01-11 21:20 Send message
    1 7
    need some work, to many errors index not found. On hitch adjustable need add the correct index not 1 2
  • Naders101
    2020-01-11 21:31 Send message
    1 63
    How do i get this download on ps4
  • Use thwsoueyrwqueryn
    2020-01-11 22:20
    6 7
    This mod does not work for me. It doesn't work with my game
  • Carter
    2020-01-12 01:56
    7 7
    wont download
  • @naders101
    2020-01-12 02:00
    7 3
    you can't. simple as that.
  • Name
    2020-01-12 03:00
    3 13
    Can you make some new chevy trucks please
  • @naders101
    2020-01-12 18:42
    7 1
  • @naders101
    2020-01-12 18:43
    4 2
  • From description
    2020-01-12 18:45
    4 1
    . (DISCLAIMER: IT WILL NOT BE ON CONSOLE) and (WILL BE LAGGY ON BOTTOM END COMPUTERS) + Due to the number of different features the Log is not clear but does not affect the gameplay in a catastrophic way
  • It works for me
    2020-01-12 22:16
    2 1
    It works for me and I have been using it a lot
  • Blake powers
    2020-01-12 23:19
    0 3
    please put a hitch on it i like towing tralers with it but evre thag alse is grat love it
  • Name
    2020-01-12 23:39
    2 3
    Its not working
  • Gene
    2020-01-13 09:13
    1 0
    i have tryed to download this mod and its not working for pc is there something that i am doing wrong pls help me
  • Hb


    2020-01-13 19:06
    1 1
    It downloaded fine and shows up in my mod folder but is nowhere to be found in my actual game.
  • Noobs
    2020-01-13 23:19
    2 0
    how is it so hard to install a mod?!?! lmao, stick to in-game modhub, since you can't seem to handle third part mods.
  • Simr for president!
    2020-01-14 06:56
    3 1
  • Koalat
    2020-01-15 01:58 Send message
    6 0
    @NADER101 this dumbass comes to a PC mods website asking when it will come to console xD IM FUCKEN DEAD
  • Mouse camera problem
    2020-01-15 03:40
    1 2
    The camera is broken. When I use the mouse it barely moves and it's not that the sensitiviy is too low because it works fine on all my other vehicles. The camera still moves when I use the arrow keys but when I use the mouse the camera doesn't move. I didn't see anyone else comment about this problem so maybe it's just me. But I think this mod is really awesome and it has a lot of cool options. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the mod or my computer. Im assuming it's the mod because the c
  • Mouse camera problem
    2020-01-15 03:53
    1 0
    Btw I tested the previous release v1.2.2.0 and the camera has no issues. Again if you can figure out what the problem Im having is and how to fix it that would be great. I have no idea how to make mods so I don't know how easy that would be but this mod looks great, I just can't drive the truck with out crashing because I can't see
  • Name
    2020-01-15 20:32
    0 0
    just watched the bale loading video and it looks amazing love the way you can see the weight of the truck shifting side to side as it turns, the detail I sawesome too love it, cant wait to try it for myself
  • Name
    2020-01-16 00:12
    0 0
    thx so much for this
  • Lot of errors
    2020-01-16 04:59
    0 1
    I found (28) errors in my log for this truck, too many for me. El del-to
  • Lots of errors
    2020-01-17 05:12
    0 0
    But who am I kidding? I suck at modding, I could never any better.
  • Name
    2020-01-17 11:15
    0 5
    please fs 17 mod 2020 FORD F-SERIES 250-450
  • Name
    2020-01-19 05:43
    0 1
    not a ford fan but I love it so much I have to use it because there is no good dodge mods. can u make a dodge with a lot of costum options on it. love the truck and your vids.
  • Doober06
    2020-01-23 19:23 Send message
    0 4
    shows pic of many options, has none. it is a single wheel long bed 4 door with no hitches.
  • A gooseneck wont hook up
    2020-01-25 17:07
    0 5
    goosenecks will not connect to flatbeds
  • Test
    2020-02-01 11:41
    0 1
    please trailer link very please
  • Jacob
    2020-02-01 22:35
    1 3
    hey can you make a nice police truck, and can you make a regular truck and put { Jacob } on the side with different wheel options and bed options. Also a camper with a working door and a inteier " you can open door on outside of the camper would be nice". and lastly can you make a xxxxl map combining maps.ALL FOR FS19PLEASE ON MODHUB.US Please put Jacob or Jeb so i know it is this if you decide to make one or all.
  • Bill
    2020-02-03 04:11
    0 0
    i can download fine! Nothing wrong here.
  • 1 1
  • Naders you stupid
    2020-02-05 00:02
    1 0
    this page is for pc users only
  • Lol naders101
    2020-02-05 05:39
    2 1
    his comment has gotten fucking 40 dislikes HA what a NOOOOOOB!!!!!
  • Bridgxr
    2020-02-05 23:43 Send message
    0 0
    doesn't work with Tardis Teleport. 5/5 truck nonetheless.
  • Bridgxr
    2020-02-06 02:26
    1 1
    but i'm also a gay cuck queer, sooooooooo..........................
  • Soonerborn81
    2020-02-06 18:09
    2 0
    Only issue I have found is a very detail oriented one. On the CM bed the gooseneck hitch is behind the axle instead of over it or just in front of it . Can't haul a heavily loaded gooseneck trailer with the CM bed due to weight not distributed on the truck properly. Love the Truck and all the options thank you sir.
  • @soonerborn81
    2020-02-07 01:50
    1 2
    soonerborn81, more like bornyesterday2020 LMFAO! such a noob!
  • Love the mod
    2020-02-09 01:35
    1 0
    This mod is so flippin good. Incredible job BOOMNASTIC. Keep up the good work. Dunno why people complain about the mod so much I think its amazing.
  • Name
    2020-02-16 19:25
    0 0
    every time I download it the mod doesn't show up.
  • Knottypine
    2020-02-18 23:25 Send message
    0 0
    Just going to throw this out there... if you knowingly know about several errors introduced in the log, why not have less features? Looks like a nice truck, however, some people like to minimize the errors that show up. Sort of a preventive measure for mod problems down the road. I always run with a clean log, and have over 130 active mods.
  • Gadevil
    2020-02-20 02:23
    0 0
    I use this truck all the time. I pull trlrs with it all the time. The hitch for trailers depends on the bed you are using. It's one of my most used trucks ingame. The only wish I had is that it had two other colors that I love, but don't know how to add.
  • Carter
    2020-02-25 03:45
    0 0
    buch could you make a 2004 ford f250 powerstroke with a 6.0 with tan brown to make it look at that 7.3 with flags same mirrors but chrome with turn signals on the mirrors stock rims and tires but chrome
  • Year_review20
    2020-03-07 13:06
    0 0
    Beyond the obvious errors and being on the high-end for computers etc.... It is among the best mods on FS I have had the pleasure of reviewing. Good Mod indeed..... I see a lot of dedication was put into it....Nice work!
  • 12271
    2020-03-07 16:39 Send message
    0 0
    I love these trucks so much. Thank you!
  • Buck nasty
    2020-03-09 17:24
    0 1
    truck wont stop rolling. no parking brake
  • Lucastheboss
    2020-03-18 19:41
    0 0
    is it just me or why does the truck wobble when I barley turn??
  • 12271
    2020-03-23 20:47 Send message
    1 0
    Mod request... Completely optioned out 1983 ford crew cab F-350 Dually please : )
  • Jeremiah satterlee
    2020-03-26 05:55
    0 0
    I see you have released a new version of this with all the trim levels. Can you please put that onto this site? I have been looking for that for awhile.
  • 12271
    2020-03-29 10:06 Send message
    0 0
    These trucks are outstanding for towing
  • Adenb
    2020-04-07 02:22 Send message
    0 0
    The hitch wont show up on mine i tried seleting different opotions but it is invisable it works but it is invisabe, otherwise it is a great mod thanks
  • Name
    2020-05-10 07:02
    0 0
    is this the truck in squads video that gets very muddy
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