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John Deere 8000i Series v2.0.0.0
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John Deere 8000i Series v2.0.0.0

Hello everyone!I presenting here my new corrected second version John Deere 8000i series in under standards FS19.
This mod has been improved and have been added new animations, configurations, fixed washable and added wearable and many other fixed errors
Mod runs completely on FS19 standard features and don't hat any errors in LOG!
I hope you will like the mod.

New V2 changes:
*Fixed Washable and added Wearable(all new speculars)
*New green color UDIM textures
*Fixed Grass Mover Zurn Profi Cut 620
*Animated joystick
*Animated pedals in cabin
*Full animated displays
*New wheels configurations(twin wheels, Terra Trac)
*New sounds
*Many other patches and improvements compared to the previous version

Features / Functions Mod:
System Texture UDIM
Door opening
Engine selection
Seat suspension
Interior light
License plates configuration
Full lighting
Tires Configurations (Trelleborg and Michelin)
Agravis Logo configuration
Mod is completely animated
And more other features……

What does the package contain?
>>> John Deere 8000i Series <<<
>>> John Deere Kemper 390 Plus <<<
>>> Zurn Profi Cut 620 <<<
>>> John Deere 686 <<<
>>> John Deere 649 <<<
>>> John Deere 659 <<<

*Please keep only my download link!
*Please don't release edit this version!
*The ban on taking the mod to other forums with changed content post!

Quadwar, Most Sinister

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  • Manti
    2019-10-11 00:37
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    where is your respect ?
  • Marek
    2019-10-11 00:44
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    W końcu wyszła poprawiona wersja sieczki, grałem na poprzedniej wersji i miała kilka rażących mankamentów , po krótkich testach jak na razie wszystko śmiga dobrze i większość mankamentów poprawiono, do ideału jeszcze trochę brakuje ale mogę polecić mod
  • Garbage
    2019-10-11 01:04
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    I would download it, but its hosted on a garbage site. piss off
  • John27rx
    2019-10-11 01:06 Send message
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    Sorry but my reaction was to someone who reacted badly in this upload
  • Eagle355th
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    Awesome! Thanks!
  • Name
    2019-10-11 09:16
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  • Guest
    2019-10-11 09:56
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  • Guest
    2019-10-11 11:10
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    @Comment... does your mother blow goats?
  • Ivakis_solo
    2019-10-11 12:38
    13 2
    Please stop using Uploaded it's garbage! Waited for nearly an hour to download and at the end got "Error in saving!" so I got corupted archive and I now have to wait hour and a half to try aggain. If you want your mods dowloaded stop using stupid places to upload them to! I had bad expeeriense from Uploded before and this was my last attempt to dowload from there!
  • *said no one ever*
    2019-10-12 03:16
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    Uploaded.net is great I really enjoy it.
  • Name
    2019-10-12 21:23
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    i got 15 trailers not one will hook up to this
  • Seriously
    2019-10-20 22:36
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    FU and your uploaded.net Garbage.
  • Dogger
    2019-11-11 12:10
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    my upload & download speed is 1000/1000 and due to uploaded.net poop it takes 35 min meanwhile i could've downloaded a game on 500gigabytes on that time
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