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FS19 Flexicoil ST820 Plow VE v1.0
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FS19 Flexicoil ST820 Plow VE v1.0

FS19 Flexicoil ST820 Plow VE
Washable! No Errors in log
Credits: Giants Software, Eagle355th, Otis Little Bear Modding

Giants Software,Eagle355th,Otis Little Bear Modding

  • Txassassi
    2018-11-27 01:45
    Love your mods! Keep up the good work!
  • Eagle355th
    2018-11-27 04:24
  • Metal
    2018-11-27 08:29
    Thanks EAGLE355TH love your mods too
  • Eagle355th
    2018-11-27 20:00
  • Tonihawki
    2018-12-01 17:13
    There is some issues, Fend with 517hp have problems with pulling it, even with twin wheels, and max speed i did was 11km/h, not mph
  • Eagle355th
    2018-12-02 06:42
    If going up hill it will slow down because of power
  • Kstate
    2018-12-02 18:55
    On uneven ground it'll bring the tractor to a complete stop. You may want to check that please EAGLE355TH, other than that great mod!
  • Eagle355th
    2018-12-04 06:11
    Need more HP Maybe
  • Chad
    2018-12-14 19:35
    love your mods! Was wondering if you can mod the Swifter SM 18000
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