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FS19 Fraese v3.0
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FS19 Fraese v3.0

Converted from Fraese FS17. This is a Bulk Blower that will pickup basicly, anything and load it into the trailer of your own choosing..
Recommended operating speed of 30km. Currently have yet to find a way to control shovel forward speeds, if anyone knows of a way plz comment below. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

FS17 Version Shout-out to "chrisu70". Converted to FS19 by "SlimJim"

  • Mike
    2019-01-03 22:20 Send message
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    WORKS GREAT!!..Thanks. Is there anyway you might be able to convert the Krone Swadro 2000 from FS17...The windrow in the game is not wide enough. Thanks anyways :)
  • Slimjim
    2019-01-03 22:27 Send message
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    Thx Mike. Will see what I can do, after my current project is done.
  • Mike
    2019-01-03 23:38 Send message
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    Thank you so much SLIMJIM
  • Jd


    2019-01-06 07:51 Send message
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    love it works great. dislike the color is all. but helps enough to get grass and silage fast man agro 4x4 with this and trailer... all good
  • Knottypine
    2019-04-20 22:52
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    I used this a bit in 17. The colours can be changed, but it's not using typical colorMat, instead you can only change the colorScale. So hoping to get the colour of your choice is hit or miss. However, it does work.
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